Saturday, August 15, 2009

September 18th!! Catch Up Bookkeeping Day!

"If you're feeling like this guy, then please set aside September 18th in your calendar."

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In April we hosted our first "Catch Up Bookkeeping Day!" with great results. One participant sorted through and prepared everything she needed to complete 4 years of back taxes. Another entered all of his transaction for the first quarter of the tax year. And another started using QuickBooks for the first time, sorted out her paperwork, and had it ready to hand off to a brand new assistant the following week. What could this day be like for you?

You may want to be in your office alone, or bring in an entire crew. Just set aside September 18th in your calendar as THE DAY to get it done.

If you're accounting is behind, even by a month or two, join us! You'll have access to tools, tips & resources to make this day smooth. You'll have access to our "Do It Yourself Bookkeeping" labeling system and other tools to help you move to the next level. In ONE DAY!

This is YOUR Challenge! If you accept it!
1. Spend ONE full day working on your bookkeeping

For YOU this might include:
  • sorting
  • filing
  • preparing your accounting to hand off to your bookkeeper or accountant
  • doing the data entry yourself
  • Calling an Advisor in your community to ask for help
  • setting up systems so that your 2009 tax year will be in control
2. Check in for a 15 minute kick off phone call at 8:30 a.m. MST

3. Post your goals in the forum before the start time

4. Post before & after pictures (only if this is something you enjoy! If it causes you even a moments stress, then skip this step! It's not important to the overall success or goal of getting your bookkeeping caught up!)
5. Wrap up call at 5:00 p.m. MST to share our mutual success!

6. Post your success in the forum

7. Celebrate the WEEKEND with a light heart! You've done a Fantastic Job!

8. Pass it along to any of your friends who have a part time or full time business (in their home, or in an office).

Let's' make this a world wide celebration! September 18th is "Catch Up Bookkeeping Day!"

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Mark Your Event Calendar TODAY! And watch for a follow up message with more details in the next few days.

See you soon!



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