Sunday, January 04, 2009

About the event I'm attending this month

FREE Audio: How to Consciously Capitalize on the Biggest Trend in Business Ever

There’s a massive and very EXCITING trend happening in business today. And, entrepreneurs who are aware of this trend (and know how to consciously capitalize on it) are making more mo*ney, experiencing more freedom and having a bigger impact on the world... no matter what’s going on around them.

My friend and colleague, Christine Kloser, award-win*ning author of The Freedom Formula and producer of The Freedom Formula Experience (this January), has taught me a lot about this trend and the NEW model for extraordinary success and true entrepreneurial freedom. After hearing her talk on this topic, I just HAD to share it with you, and also make sure you knew about her LIVE Freedom Formula Experience this January!

Here’s the scoop...
Christine wants to give you a F-R-E-E audio of her eye-opening talk, “How to Consciously Capitalize on the Biggest Trend in Business Ever.” I’ve listened to this talk and it’s truly life-changing. Trust me; you’ll want to listen right away! Download it now at:

And, while you’re at that site, you’ll also learn more about exactly how to put Christine’s Freedom Formula to work in your business... so you can fully embrace this trend and easily experience your full potential as an entrepreneur. Christine will be teaching this formula along with a star-studded cast of world famous visionaries this January at The Freedom Formula Experience, including:
• Neale Donald Walsch, Best-selling author of Conversations with God• James Twyman, producer/director of The Moses Code• Marianne Williamson, best-selling author of A Return to Love• David Neagle, author of The Art of Success• And more!
Simply click here to receive your F-R-E-E audio and get the full scoop on The Freedom Formula Experience. I hope to see you there!


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Do you ever question why you started your business? I do! In fact, I've been questioning it for over a year now. This year represents my 9th year as a small business owner, and my business is still truly small. I LOVE working with entrepreneurs, especially during that exciting start up phase! And I LOVE working with long term clients who call me in year after year as they're needs change, and they need their software to grow with them. But so much of my current business structure no longer works for me, as an individual.

And I've been searching for answers throughout the entire year of 2008. I've become a student again, but in a way that might not have been possible 5 years ago (which is coincidentally when I was last in school full time ~ finishing my degree). I think I've attended over 100 different teleseminars; some free and some not. And purchased countless e-books about topics related to marketing, process improvements, travel, travel writing, self help writing & spiritual development; just to name a few.

I save the audios & listen to them on my Mp3 player, while working on projects in my office, plugged into my stereo in the car, or while I'm surfing the net or chatting with friends in the evening.

I guess it's just a time for questioning the way things "were" and trying to find a better way. That's what growth is about, right? There is often pain, discomfort & then a break through - maybe even a growth spurt?

I've decided to attend a seminar this month that I believe will be the catalyst for change. And I'm almost "giggly" with anticipation. I want to see what's on the other side, yet I know I can be patient, and will leave my mind open to whatever comes my way. I know that the answer will somehow incorporate a combination of all the things I'm truly passionate about. And maybe along the way I'll find someone who's truly passionate about the daily operations of a bookkeeping business? And someone who loves to prepare tax returns & someone else who's an amazing business coach.

And in the meantime ~ I have a business to run, with fabulous clients who deserve my full attention. And that's what I'll do! Provide the best possible service I can, while continuing to keep my eyes, ear & heart open to the next chapter.

Until Next time,


p.s. If you want to know about the Freedom Formula Experience January 22-25, 2009 click here with these amazing speakers:
  • Neal Donald Walsch, Author of Conversation with God
  • James Twyman, Author and Film Producer
  • Marianne Williamson, Author of the Age of Miracles
  • David Neagle, "the income acceleration coach"
  • Christine Kloser, Author of the Freedom Formula Experience