Friday, October 08, 2010

Time Flies.....when you're having fun!

It's how the saying goes, right?!  Then this year MUST have been a lot of fun, because I haven't posted once in the past 12 months.  Amazing!

I had really left this blog because I was focusing my energy on 3 other blogs hosted on my main webserver.  But this month, because of some bad planning on my part, those sites are down & I find myself craving an outlet to write. I'll get those sites back up and running soon, so I can incorporate everything together again.

"Streamline & Simplicity" was my motto for 2010. In some ways life has become exactly that.  Streamlined and Simplified.  In ways I couldn't have possibly imagined when I first started doodling those two words everywhere.   Relationships, physical belongings, business, health.  Nearly everything in my life has changed in the past year. Some of it didn't look very pleasant while it was happening, and others were a welcome change. And then when you take a moment to look and see what's happened?!  Well, change is always a little painful, isn't it?

But without change, I remain stagnant and bored.  There's still a lot of 'unknown', and that's probably better.  I'm fairly certain that if I'd seen what was coming I would have slammed on the brakes in September.  If I'd known that the medication I was being asked to take for migraine (daily preventative treatment) was going to take me out of the game for 3 months - I would have slammed on the brakes.  If I'd known that staying in the mastermind group was going to change my perspective on group work for so long, I would have stopped.  If I'd known .... But I didn't.

And we don't ever.  So, I suppose I'll continue doing the best I can with the information, knowledge and sensibilities I have, and be content with the outcome.  Oh wait, I don't like that word "content".  It makes me fidgety, and I start to look for "change" again!

Back to Streamlining, and Simplifying.  Websites will be up and running soon.  Then it's time to merge them together.

Have a happy week!


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